Corvive LogoCorvive launched September 2018 in Dallas, TX and started taking product orders in May 2018. After the initial product launch, many success stories poured in fueling initial growth and changing the lives of thousands of people. CorVive is rooted in a very simple product philosophy; products should be safe, natural, effective and most of all simple. The simplistic approach to supplementation resonates deeply within the CorVive consumer base. Our founders worked diligently with formulators and nutrition experts to provide products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. It was also important that the products were priced as competitive as possible making Corvive very consumer friendly.

We take an innovative approach to creating relevant and in demand wellness products that are embedded in CorVive’s main philosophy of helping others. In a few short months CorVive proved to be an tour de force in the supplement industry with a mission to help as many as possible.


Jeremy & Candice FoutsJeremy and Candice Fouts have had great success in nutrition sales over the past 15 years help thousands of families achieve their health and financial goals. These numbers come from understanding that direct sales is not about numbers, but instead is about loving and caring for people. Jeremy Fouts has spent innumerable hours, days, weeks behind the wheel, over the phone or in the homes of anyone who would listen to the message of helping and serving others, especially when it comes to creating healthy lifestyles. This one person at a time approach helped them to become some of the most influential people in the direct sales space.

CorVive’s DNA is built around the Fouts philosophy that people come first–all decisions are driven by what impact any given change may have on those that have partnered with CorVive.

After helping to build multiple industry brands the Fouts decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and retired to their ranch in the Rocky Mountains. But it wasn’t long before the desire to help others inspired them again to create another one of their dreams; a company that was founded in the service of others while providing the best possible products with the simplest plans for success: That company is CorVive.


Corvive ProductsNo matter where anyone is on their wellness journey it is CorVive’s mission to help others in any way possible. Illuminating the path of better health through proper nutrition, education and support. The critical piece of CorVive’s product philosophy is based in simplicity.

CorVive believes that it should not be difficult for people to find proper supplementation for better health from the core. The first round of CorVive products have helped thousands find better health through a simple, yet powerful product offering.

CorRenew: This is the gold standard of cleansing and detoxing products. Current diet deficiencies and toxins can eventually cause harm. CorRenew is designed to be a safe and natural way to assist in clearing out toxins that can build up over time. It combines a robust ingredient profile to address essential cleansing needs.

CorBolic: Many see CorBolic as their morning kick start. While your body ages, metabolic systems can become sluggish. CorBolic’s ingredients are intended to address metabolic concerns that can sometimes lead to weight gain. Additionally CorBolic can help address appetite cravings.

CorPower: Savory and smooth this delicious protein supplement meets the dietary protein requirements to maintain proper muscle support. This meal replacement is a powerhouse based in the highest and purest whey base available.

CorNRG + FOCUS: Always a fan favorite, many feel the benefits of this product right away. From the clearing away of mental fog and fatigue to increased endurance, this product is a fit for anyone looking for a healthy way to energize their day or workout.

CorXLR8: Keto friendly and effective. Blended with the best of ingredients to keep your body fueled in ketosis, CorXLR8’s ingredients go above and beyond to ensure that you have the best keto experience possible.

CorHYDR8: The latest is hydration technology, HYDR8 promotes the ideal elecrolite balance for your body. Many turn to this product to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day and athletes understand that this complete hydration product keeps them moving on and off the field.


Before establishing CorVive Jeremy and Candice knew that there were some basic principles that would need to be the core of the company: people, simplicity, and service. We created an infrastructure and designed a platform with those basic principles in mind.  Our goal was to be inclusive of everyone who wishes to be the change they see in the world.