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Ach13ve is an active lifestyle program that is built on the foundation of creating better wellness via an all-inclusive approach to managing health.

You will love the way CorVive’s next level products will assist you in achieving your nutritional goals.

By engaging in this fun 13-week competition you will enjoy a program designed to help you achieve your fitness objectives. You and your team will enjoy the benefits of this simple program as a way to achieve your ultimate fitness goals, all while experiencing the benefits of camaraderie along the way.

The 13 Week Transformation includes awesome swag prizes with engaging weekly and monthly incentives along the way. Your success depends on you. By engaging in this fitness movement you will be part of helping others achieve their goals, together everyone wins. The Ach13ve program is designed to find your best self.

Ach13ve Transformation Documents

How to Take Products
30 Day Goal Setting
Transformation Guide

Ach13ve 90-Day Transformation Important Dates

DAY 15

May 15th

DAY 30

May 30th

DAY 60

June 29th

DAY 90

July 29th

Competition Rewards

Contestants will be judged by a non-biased panel who will be reviewing goals, stories, before and after pictures.  Contest rules and regulations apply.

30/60/90 Day Completion Requirements

Transformation Prizes Include:

  • Ach13ve T-shirt

  • CorVive Journal & Pen

  • Sample Pack, which includes a 5 day sample of Cor Renew and Cor Bolic

  • CorVive Shaker Cup

  • Personalized gifts from Candice & Jeremy Fouts

  • Completion T-Shirt

  • GRAND PRIZE: We will select 2 winners (male and female) of the overall 13-Week Ach13ve Transformation. They will both be part of a complete transformation make-over and a trip to Dallas (valued at over $1,500). Additionally, there will be (2) Runner-up Prizes valued up to $500. *Terms and Conditions apply.

15 Day Transformation Completion Form

When you finish your first 15 days of the transformation program, please fill out the form below to submit your follow up and qualify to get your free swag items!

15 Day Completion Form
30/60/90 Day Completion

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